the tinsleys

a few weeks ago chaka reached out to me and asked if id be willing to hike rattlesnake ridge with her and her husband CJ to celebrate their one year anniversary. it seemed too good to be true honestly.

mark my words.. it is SO rare that an amazing couple happens upon your work and wants to adventure up a mountain for the sake of a photo.

DESPITE what instagram may make you believe, it is rare ; ).

Here are a few things you should note if you want to hike Rattlesnake for a photo

1. Figure out where you are going to meet. I sent Chaka an exact address of where to meet to avoid ending up on opposite sides of the lake. Lucky for Chaka.. I gave her the address for the opposite side of the lake. Because I am intelligent, detail oriented, and other such things. PS it gets better, you wont have service when you get there : ). 

2. Plan to go early!! This is a really popular spot and sunrise is your best bet of getting the views without the peeps in the background.

3. Get your girl some of that setting spray. Chaka is the best and thought through that and her makeup looked FLAWLESS all the way up AND all the way down. 

4. Get comfortable with dabbing. See YouTube for further instruction. 

5. Bring a change of clothes. You don't want pit stains in your photos.

6. Bring snacks and water.

7. Plan for it to take you about an hour to get up. That gives you time for breaks and making sure you aren't a hot mess at the top. 

8. Exchange no information about each-other beforehand; that way you have A LOT to talk about on the hike up. Don't worry on the hike down you will be laughing at all the people struggling up so you will be preoccupied. Worst case scenario, you can complain to eachother about how out of shape you are, so if you have nothing else to talk about there is that. 

9. Plan to become friends, because going on a hike with strangers at 6am in the dark is a fast way to become besties.